The Proper Environment for Purpose

Throughout this past year, God has continued to focus my attention on the subject of Purpose.  I firmly believe that our Purpose is discovered and our Passion is ignited in the Throne Zone Dimension of God’s presence.  But if you will indulge me a few moments of your busy schedule, I believe that I have some nuggets that I would like to speak into your life that I believe will begin to unlock the Destiny within you.

The key thought that I want to remind you of today is simply this, “You were created for a purpose.”  I do not mean a generalized purpose.  I believe that you were made with a unique purpose that no one else on the planet can accomplish other than you.  This purpose is simply a LIFETIME ASSIGNMENT.  You have a choice to either accept this purpose, or forfeit it by refusing to pursue your purpose.

If you have not yet discovered that purpose, I would encourage you to take my 30-Day Worship Challenge and actively seek the face of God and enter into that Throne Zone dimension of God’s presence to receive this download from our Commander-in-Chief, Yahweh!

You must realize that there is a specific and unique environment which your purpose requires for it to operate at its maximum capacity.  For example, the proper environment needed for a bird to fly is an open sky.  A caged bird prohibits the bird from operating at its maximum capacity. 

When the environment is not proper, then your purpose will begin to malfunction.  If I were to take a hair dryer and stick it down in my tub hoping to create a Jacuzzi, the hair dryer will malfunction.  In addition to the hair dryer malfunctioning, I would as well.  The shock from the electricity and water would very likely kill me as well.  Therefore, it is important to note when one begins to malfunction, it will affect others.

Your environment contains many ingredients and resources.  In order for these ingredients to coexist there is a perpetual cycle of sowing and reaping that is required to sustain your environment.  Let me explain.

As humans, our environment requires oxygen, food, sun and various other ingredients.  Therefore, one example of this perpetual cycle of sowing and reaping can be illustrated this way.

  • Sun produces Evaporation
  • Condensation from this evaporation gathers in the sky forming clouds.  These clouds in turn produce rain
  • Rain is released from the clouds back to the earth providing moisture for the growth of plants and vegetation.
  • Plants produce green leaves which produce oxygen
  • Oxygen is essential for humans to exist.

A few years ago, Disney put out a movie entitled, “Wall-E” which promoted the significance and importance of you and me becoming Green Friendly and Eco Conscious.  The movie illustrated that because the atmosphere of earth was not sustained, but rather contaminated, neither plants nor humans could occupy planet earth, and therefore had to exist in outer space.  The movie illustrates that humans could once again return to earth because plant life began to grow, supporting the need for oxygen.

I am suggesting that the EPA has a correct message, but I do believe that their application is incomplete.  The importance of understanding our environment, and protecting it, is not relegated only to our current resources, but rather illustrates that we need to be equally protective of the proper  (healthy) atmosphere required for us to fulfill our lifetime assignment… our Purpose.

Sometimes, our spiritual environment becomes contaminated with cultural relevance, a compromised social gospel or humanistic ambition which drives out the most essential product required for us to operate at our maximum potential, and that is simply the Presence of God.  To that end, God – in His infinite wisdom and sovereignty- may choose to relocate you into another healthier environment conducive to promoting healthy growth to your potential.  That is why many of you have relocated into other regions and churches.

I have also realized that God moves us from one place to another, not because of contamination, but rather because there are more nutrients required for the healthy growth and release of our potential.  Therefore, He may send us to one spot to receive an impartation of one type, and then may move us to another location to be mentored by someone already operating in the area representative of your purpose. 

And finally, like a master-gardener, God will sometimes transplant us to prevent Root-Rot.  He will take us out of a container that limits and restricts the growth of a plant to transplant it into a larger container allowing for healthy growth.

I am not sure exactly where you are today, but I do know that God is waiting for you to say “YES” to HIS purposes for your life.  The moment you respond with “I DO”, He actively begins work on your behalf.  So you must realize that what God is doing to you right now is ultimately for your good. 

Some of you may feel as though you have had manure dumped upon you.  But may I remind you that a farmer will often dump manure on his fields because he knows that it will produce rich and fertile soil- much greater than the traditional 10/10/10 fertilizer application could produce.

Today, be encouraged.  God has a unique purpose for you to accomplish that no one else besides you can accomplish.  Understand that there is a unique atmosphere required for your purpose to grow and ultimately fulfill its potential.  And when you understand and discover that proper environment, make sure you release what is in your capacity so that you will ensure a perpetual cycle of sowing and reaping allowing your environment to remain healthy.  And lastly, remember to guard your environment.  Protect it from contaminants of the world.

I am reminded of the old Hymn, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face.  And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His Glory and Grace.”

We know you are destined for great things and that the Plans and Purposes of God for your life are needed in the Kingdom.  It is our prayer that you will discover your purpose, allow Him to develop that purpose, and ultimately that the fullness of your purpose will be released upon the Earth, even as it is in Heaven.  Greatness is within you!