There’s a Shaking Going On!

Who would have ever thought that a major earthquake and hurricane would have hit the East Coast as it did last month!  I have often heard it stated that God uses the natural to reveal the supernatural.  When we see the earth quaking, we know that there is a shift going on beneath the very ground that we are walking upon.  Something that is not quite so obvious to our eyes is movement going on below the surface of that which we can see. The winds of change are blowing and the waters of renewal and refreshing are rising

The same is true with what God is doing in your life!  There is movement in areas that you are not able to see.  There is a shift taking place for you, but you are not able to see it…..YET!  There comes a time when everything standing close to that point of shifting is forced to shift.  That is what causes the quaking.  And I believe that is what is going on in your life even as you are reading this letter.  There has been a shift in the spirit realm of your life, and everything around you must move with that shift.  

Unlike the smoothness of your car shifting gears, this type of shift causes a shaking and bumpiness all around.  Why?  Every time a shift occurs, there is a new “normal” that emerges.  And this is true in the spirit as well.  Just when you think you have things figured out and begin to find that comfort zone in your walk with the Lord, He orchestrates this “Shift” for your life.

God has great things in store for you.  And many of the divine appointments require you
to get out of your comfort zone and be ready when He calls for you.

Michele and I know this first hand.  We have spent the last 19-1/2 years attempting to follow directive He has given to us.  We have traveled from Carolina, to Virginia, to Texas, to Tennessee and then back to Virginia……and then back to Carolina.  And in looking back on our journey the past 19 years, we see how God divinely orchestrated each appointment and season.  At each move, we both received great deposits from him and other mentors in our lives, while also making great deposits in many other’s lives.  And now, once again, we have experienced this “Shift” in our lives.

On July 3rd, I was ministering at one of my previous Board Member’s church where he pastors.  During lunch, he simply turned to Michele and I and asked if we would ever consider returning to Virginia.  To which I quickly replied, “No”.  We were comfortable in Carolina and really liked our home. We had learned our way around the city (which is no small accomplishment for Michele- LOL), and were so convenient to everything that we needed.  Or so we thought.

Following that lunch, I saw a look in Michele’s eyes that I had not seen in quite some time.  It had been 7 years since I had seen that look, and I knew what was stirring.

As we drove to Virginia Beach, there were a great number of doors that connected in a sequential order.  It was very obvious that God was trying to speak to us, but I was trying not to listen.  However, we knew that it was God and so we knew what was ahead of us.

While in Virginia Beach, knowing that God was calling us to relocate back to the area, we found a school for Judah that had high academic accolades and would be workable with our travel schedule.  We applied, and after a couple of weeks, we received the letter of acceptance.

Now, we had only one small problem.  I had a home in Carolina that I was not able to get out of, and I had none to move into.  So, I began to pray my “IDIOT-PROOF” prayer.  I told God that if He truly wanted us in the area, He would have to bring someone for my home, and He would have to provide a home in the Virginia Beach area- one that we could afford.  We had looked at a few rental homes and knew that we would not be able to afford the area.  BUT GOD!

Within one week of listing our home on the market, we had two contracts on our home.  The first was ready to take possession in less than two weeks, and the other simply was a back-up contract in the event the first one fell through.

So, we had the school taken care of.  We had the house in Charlotte taken care of; but all we needed was a home in VA that would be able to accommodate putting our offices inside of the home.  I didn’t want to have to rent two places as we had in Charlotte.  We were looking for a home where we could put everything under one roof, and still stay within our budget.

Well, as only God can do, I received an email from one of my current Board Members.  She told me that there was a couple in her church that had a property that was on the market for sale, but they have not been able to sell it, and they would consider renting it to us.  But we knew that the home was so nice, and having shopped the area, we knew about what the cost would be and we knew that we would not be able to afford it.  But don’t you know when God is in something, He works all sides of the equation out for everyone’s benefit.  And as it turned out, they met us at the price we had budgeted for.

Now, you must understand that when God works things out, He takes care of all details.  He leaves no stone unturned.  Judah had asked God for three specific things, one of which was a pool!  And of course, I had ruled that option out because I did not think we would find that within our budget.  BUT GOD!  This home has all three of those specific items that Judah had prayed for, including a pool!  Go God!

Why am I sharing all this with you? 

You must understand that when you say “YES” to HIS call for your life, you become HIS ambassador.  That means, that when He gives you an assignment, He will give you everything that you need to accomplish that assignment.  Additionally, it means that His resources will provide everything that you have need of.

Regrettably, I tried to say “NO” to the provision of the Lord.  I tried to say, “Lord, this house is too big”.  “Lord, we don’t really need a pool”, “Lord, what will people think?” “Give me something smaller and simple”.  And then I realized, how many times do we reject the provision of the Lord because of what either we think, or what other people may think.

Friend, I have chosen to say “YES” to HIS call, and I have purposefully decided to receive “ALL” of His provision because He knows more than I do.  My job is to simply report for duty and do what He tells me.

That is all He asks of you.  Simply say “YES” to what He is speaking to you.  It doesn’t matter how comfortable you are at this point in life.  You must envision what the future looks like as you say “YES” to Him.

You must not delay when He speaks.  Don’t procrastinate and say, “One Day I Will….”  Tomorrow is never promised.  He knows the specific time when you are to come on the scene and fulfill all He has promised to you.

You must not say, “I can’t do that!” or “I can’t afford that”.  You must simply say “YES” to what He places before you to do, and trust that He will handle all the details.  Do not turn away your blessing or provision like I was trying to do.  Simply embrace it and recognize it as a source.  For me, I am renting this house, not purchasing it.  That means God has given me a place to land for right now so that I can get busy with all that He has placed in my heart.  And this house will remain ours until which time He provides another.  And this is how you must look at your situation during this season of transition in your life.

Your time is NOW!

This is your moment.  You have prepared all your life for this opportunity.  Now, don’t shrink back.  Keep moving forward, not looking back.  Embrace all that God has placed before you whether you understand it or not.  Remember, God has only required us to obey, not understand.

Your best is set before you.  When you have submitted yourself to the stripping, then God can bring the restoration to you which will prepare you and others for the coming Glory!