Was Blind, but now I SEE!


We have been receiving great testimonies of how Throne Zone impacted so many lives this year.  In many ways, this conference was very different than previous years.  There were greater amounts of spiritual warfare taking place, and even a witch praying against the services.  But thanks be to God, OUR GOD IS GREATER, OUR GOD IS STRONGER, OUR GOD IS HIGHER THAN ANY OTHER!!!

God broke through in a powerful way.  On Friday night, in the middle of worship, the Lord showed me a cluster or group of individuals there that night that had been contemplating giving their heart to the Lord, but had not yet made that commitment.  I also saw a young African-American female, early to mid twenties, who was dressed in corporate business attire and present in that service that HE was calling unto Himself. 

We give glory to God because that night eight young people responded to that altar call.  They came forward one by one and surrendered their lives to Christ.  And then, right before we transitioned into the next segment of the service, this young African-American finally responded to the invitation.  She came and gave her heart to the Lord.  PRAISE GOD!

Of course there are numerous personal testimonies that we could not share openly.  However, one such testimony came from a first time attendee to Throne Zone.  He and his church came from Zion United Methodist Church in Salisbury, MD.  Hope Crane taught a class on “Healing Oils” from the bible.  Floyd attended her class, and then caught me in the Saturday services for prayer. 

Rather than me telling you what happened, I thought I would let you read the words he has posted on the church’s website.  I feel this is OK to share with you as it is both posted on their website (www.zionumcsalisbury.org), and the fact that he shared this at the conclusion of the Saturday Night service at Throne Zone.  I pray this testimony blesses you as much as it has me and Michele! 

“Jesus Heals the Blind Man—A Personal Encounter”

 By: Brother Floyd, Musician for Jesus


After attending the Throne Zone Worship Conference in Virginia Beach, I have absolutely no doubt that God is still working in our lives with limitless, extravagant mercy.   Some sweet tugging on my spirit urged me to register for this first-time experience.  As the months and weeks drew on toward the conference, my excitement and anticipation grew and grew.  Little did I know that God was preparing a way for a great blessing to come into my life.


The conference itself with periodic general worship sessions was a new experience in total worship for me.  Free and uninhibited, we were permitted to worship simply as the Holy Spirit prompted us.  It was my first experience at being submerged in a charismatic environment and by that I mean no bias—basically a time and place where the Holy Spirit moves freely and abundantly for the blessing of all.  Breakout workshop sessions allowed us to delve and explore new avenues of connecting with divine resources and inspiration.  Especially intriguing were two workshops on the healing oils of the Bible.  In these two sessions we learned the nature and effectiveness of familiar favorites like spikenard, frankincense and myrrh.  However, we soon learned that there are a whole rainbow and oils with effective influence on the human psyche and body.  I personally became a firm believer in the effective nature of one called helichrysum which has a restorative influence on nerves in the body.  The instructor, upon hearing of my total loss of sight in my right eye, anointed the area around my right eye, offering prayers and intoning positive words of healing, restoration, focus, clarity. 


Shortly after that I was introduced to the head of His Call Ministries, which sponsors Throne Zone.  Keith offered to have prayer over me and arrived at an impartation of healing and renewal.  By the time we started the first workshop to introduce us to the healing oils; the sight in my right eye had already begun to return!  Immediately I felt led to give my testimony and the workshop leader offered to anoint my eye again to hasten the healing.  All through that day the sight continued to improve, returning to the level of sight I had at the point, 18 months ago when I realized my sight was deteriorating. 


Since the conference I have continued to anoint myself with prayers of thanksgiving for the healing that is still on the move.  And I can’t praise God enough for His extravagant mercy and awesome power.  As I’ve been on this journey, I even recall the pronouncement of my radiation oncologist who explained to me the wherewithal of radiation damage.  His final statement was: “Rest assured, your vision will come back in God’s good time.” (My emphasis) How right he was and that’s why I know I was drawn to Throne Zone.  God wanted me at a special place and time to grant the blessing in my life when I would be most open to it. And I continue to give Him all the praise.  “I once was lost, but now am found; was blind but now I see!”


There are so many more individuals just like Floyd who are looking for that “special place and time” that Floyd spoke of in his testimony.  That is why we give thanks every time we receive your monthly partnership offering.  You enable us to minister to people’s lives and effect change, helping to bring transformation to churches, cities, regions and even beyond. 

Thank you for helping us impact Floyd’s life.  I know he thanks you for helping to enable this ministry to create a “special place and time” for personal interaction with the Father in worship. 

Michele and I thank you for your generous and faithful support!  God bless you.

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