It Shall Come to Pass!

ImageJune is here!  So many exciting things are happening, and there are so many things that lie ahead.  So, let me just share a few of these exciting things and then I want to share a few final thoughts that the Lord has dropped in my spirit for you.

Of course, June signifies the end of the academic learning season and the beginning of summer vacation for our children.  Judah is so excited that his school is out.  He did very well this year exempting all but one of his final exams.  And still he landed a high “B” in that class.  Michele and I are so proud of him and the young man he is becoming.

June also holds a wonderful event as we celebrate Michele’s birthday.  Please join me in celebrating her birthday on June 11th.  Give her a birthday shout out on Facebook or shoot her an email if you get a chance.  We are very proud of her as she is in her final preparations for the Mrs. United States of America pageant which convenes next month in Savannah, GA.  I am very proud of her and amazed at how God is using her journey to open her ministry to countless women outside of the four walls of the church.  She is sharing the good news and hope of Jesus Christ, and women are listening.  Please continue to pray for her while helping me to celebrate her this month.

Another wonderful event taking place this month is my mother (Mother Duncan) is getting married!  Yes, on June 16th she will marry Johnny Kelly from Richmond, VA at the Victory Tabernacle Church of God located on Genito Rd in Chesterfield County.  The wedding is at 2pm, and of course you are invited to the ceremony.  There is a private reception for the bride and groom and their family, but if you would like to come to the ceremony, we would love to have you.  Of course, watch for pictures of the Bride and Groom on our Facebook page.

We have also had the awesome privilege this past month of being a guest on “It’s Supernatural” with host Sid Roth from Messianic Vision.  We taped an entire weeks worth of programming which will air sometime next month on the radio, as well as a TV program that will air globally either in July or August.  I am waiting the final airing dates and will Tweet those dates out and post them on Facebook so you can be watching or listening to these programs. 

I am excited because God has finally given us the opportunity to share the vision of the Throne Room that I experienced in 1997 that so dramatically changed my life and what ultimately birthed this ministry and the Throne Zone Conferences.  I believe that this is the season and the time for us to share with the world that we have been given the privilege and opportunity to enter into the Throne Zone and have our lives transformed by the presence of God.  This is also a wonderful opportunity for people around the globe to receive our book and two CD’s which Sid is making available on both the radio and TV programs. 

Through all of these recent events, the Lord has spoken several things to me that I feel is worth with you today.

What God has promised you and me is for an appointed time.  It is a specific time, and it cannot be rushed sooner, nor can it be effective if it is too late.  Just like the vision of the Throne Zone that God gave to me in 1997, so it is with the words and visions and promises God has spoken to you.  It is for an appointed time.

For nine years, we have been hosting the Throne Zone conference to help people realize their God-given access to that dimension of His presence.  We have tried to shout it from the rooftops by offering the conference, the book and the CD.  We knew it was a global word, yet nothing seemed to open up.  We were so close so many times with the many TV opportunities we have had presented to us, but never a time to share the vision…..until NOW! 

Just because the vision has been delayed, DON’T believe that it signifies denial from God.  The vision God has given you is for an appointed time.  Write the vision, make it plain and know that the vision SHALL COME TO PASS.  Don’t grow weary and give up.  It is one thing to grow weary, but it is another to give up.  DO NOT GIVE UP DURING YOUR SEASON OF WEARINESS.  KEEP PRESSING ON!


God refuses to be put in a box.  None of the events of this past month (mom getting married, Michele and the Mrs. United States of America pageant, and the Sid Roth opportunity) came like I envisioned it.  But if we are not careful, we can miss the opportunity that God has set before us simply because it does not look like we think it should look.

DON”T MISS IT!  Don’t overlook it or disregard something simply based upon how the circumstances look or how it is presented to you.  Ask the Lord to help you seize the opportunity and not pass it over.


Sometimes it is good to dwell on the past when those reflections are on past victories and not past defeats or failures.  If dwelling on past failures brings a sense of discouragement, then dwelling on past success should bring a sense of encouragement based upon the Law of Opposites.  Therefore, when we choose to remind ourselves of past success, our faith can become strengthened and we can remind ourselves that if God was faithful to bring us through that past battle, then the one we are in right now is a piece of cake.  NOTHING IS TOO DIFFICULT FOR GOD!  In essence, this is what Praise does.  We celebrate and think of all that God has done for us in the past.  “He healed my body, He touched my mind, He saved me just in time….”. 


We need to make sure that when God opens a door for us, we don’t rationalize our way out of walking through that door.  We do not need to stand at that door like a cattle when it stands at a new gate…..simply looking at the opening.  When God opens the door, we need to take that first step and walk through it.  You may not see all the other steps and the entire path.  But when He opens a door, He will always show you the first step.  When you take that first step, He will reveal the next one.  Remember, this is what He did when the children of Israel crossed Jordan the second time.  They had to take the first step.  But they didn’t want to.  They wanted to wait until God opened the sea and they could walk on the dry ground like they did in the past.  But God rarely operates in the same way He did in the past.  Why?  He is so multi-faceted and multi-dimensional.  He is the God who makes all things new.  He is the eternal creator who creates all things new.  He never has to limit His resources or abilities and therefore duplicate what He did in the past.  Behold, He does a New Thing.  NOW shall it spring forth!


One of my dear friends recently sent me a text message.  They had been praying for me and felt led by God to tell me to re-read a particular chapter in a book that had impacted my life greatly.

I took the book with me on the plane and began to read it as I traveled to Charlotte.  I must have looked ridiculous, but tears ran down my face and all over my shirt as I reread these chapters that had meant so much to me years ago, and I had forgotten about them.  But as I read each page, the Lord was causing me to remember- remember what He had spoken to me in the past, remember what I had experienced for myself, and remember how His Spirit moved with such power and uncontainable force.

Perhaps you need to find a way to remember the words He has spoken to you.  Maybe you need to remember the vision God gave to you.  Go back to that spot where He gave you that open vision.  Take a moment and re-live that powerful life altering time you experienced while in His presence.  Don’t forget what He spoke to you.  YOU MUST REMEMBER WHAT HE IMPARTED INTO YOU.  You may have to dig way past all the past rejection, disappointment and discouragement.  But invest your energy and dig past all that to REMEMBER!

For me, the Lord had to remind me that the Throne Zone was a location in the Spirit where purpose and vision come alive while in HIS presence.  The Throne Zone was not the conference.  It was not my book.  It was not crafty words assimilated to create impressive spiritual verbiage.  It was a location that we need to get to.  A place we have access to.  And for me, it was a place that I had to REMEMBER. 

In preparing for my TV interview, I remembered the vision and even re-lived it.  As I shared what the Lord had shown me, it activated something that had lied dormant within me because in all my good deeds of hosting the conference, and endeavoring to share it with individuals, I had relegated that dimension to an event that we hold every year- and I had to remember it is the location.  It is the SPOT!  That place that I want to not only go to, but as a worship leader and guide to the Heavens, lead people to that location.

Today, be encouraged.  Don’t give up.  Don’t throw in the towel.  What God has spoken, He will perform it.  You may be weary in your well-doing, but DON’T GIVE UP.  We need you and we need the revelation God has given to you.  Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe life a new into you, and receive strength for the journey.  Keep pressing on.  Though the vision tarry, IT SHALL COME TO PASS!