2016: Looking Ahead

2016 year golden figures

As we say good-bye to 2015 and welcome 2016, we pause to reflect on all that God has blessed us with while acknowledging the new plans and precepts that He has in store for us in this new season and this new year.

2015 was the first year we did not do Throne Zone since we began with the very first conference in 2004 in Richmond, VA. For 13 years, we would ask God for clarity, direction and a vision for each conference. Michele would go into planning mode, I would work to get online registrations

up and running, and the “machine” would begin operation. Our Christmas and New Year holidays were overshadowed by the conference simply because we were in the throws of crunch time, only a few weeks away from our “Move-In” time at the hotel.

Every year would build with anticipation and excitement. I was always blessed when people would actually call to register. It was such a joy to hear what God did for them in the previous conference. And of course there were always new folks connecting with us would would offer prophetic encouragement to the vision we were running with.

In 2006 we saw folks coming to the conference literally from around the world. We had Turkey, Australia, Japan, Europe and of course delegates from all over the United States. People were so hungry just to be in a “Safe Place”; a place where many of them discovered the presence of God for the first time. A place where one individual in particular who had a Methodist background and had never been around anything Pentecostal or Charismatic in his life; yet, in the middle of the worship, God healed his eye that had been blind for many years. I could go on and on with great testimonies that were reported back to us all through the years. We literally have a book!

Last year, God gave us a rest from this great task. We felt that He said, “You received the vision, you wrote the vision, you ran with the vision, now take a breather.” And that is exactly what happened. God has given us a year to rest, refresh and position ourselves to receive direction for the next season of our ministry.

We didn’t stop doing ministry in 2015. As a matter of fact, we did more television ministry in 2015 that surpassed all the years previously. As you know, we have worked with David & Barbara Cerullo at the Inspiration TV network (INSP) since 2003. When the economy took a down-turn, they stopped filming as much as we once did. In 2015, tapings ramped up once again and we worked multiple events assisting their ministry. Such an honor and a blessing!

In 2015, God connected us with Cornerstone Television Network in Pittsburgh, PA under the leadership of Don Black, President. This network budgeted for me to be able to bring a worship team (vocals and a band) for five weeks worth of programming, three to
four day stents throughout the year. I was truly blessed to reach out to connect with individuals who were worship leaders and ministry leaders to assist me as my worship team, some of them I had not ministered with in almost 30 years. It was amazing to experience this reunion with so many of these talented and anointed individuals.

It was while working with Cornerstone TV that I witnessed a new season being birthed within me and Michele and His Call Ministries.

Every week of programming, I would endeavor to bring in new worship leaders and musicians to give a fresh look and feel for the program. With these different teams, the sound was always very different, and there was a unique anointing with each group that came together. That was not the most exciting thing that occurred; yet, it was the catalyst for God to get our attention for the future.

When I brought in each team, we would spend the mornings gathered at my hotel lobby to plan our rehearsal times and our day. Some days we had opportunity to visit the city, but with each week of programming, something greater exploded.

It was during our morning gatherings that I began to pour out some of my personal journey since 2014. I candidly shared my highs and my all-time lows when I hit the wall in June of 2014. But I was able to share with them the nuggets that I have gleaned from God, and shared the faithfulness of God, the refreshing of God, and testified to His keeping power. As I began to share, something amazing happened. These worship leaders from around the country (many of whom had never worshiped with the others before) began to open up with where they were spiritually. It was some of the most impactful one-on-one ministry that I have ever experienced in my 29 years of ministry! Honestly, I felt that we had more impact in that hotel lobby with these 10 individuals than we did when we were in

the Convention Center in 2008.

Something had shifted within me. I felt something come alive that had been suppressed for such a very long time beneath discouragement and unanswered questions. And in that moment, I felt that God had changed my perspective not only on how I minister, but also how ministry may look for us moving forward.

I have always been so thankful to the friends and ministry partners who supported the vision of His Call Ministries. Whether that was hosting the Throne Zone, or regional Nights of Worship, or the KWI, or ministering on TV or the local churches. All of that has been an amazing journey. Yet, at this stage in my life, I watch as people worship so freely, yet leave the same way they came in, never changed. I have been left with many questions and concerns.

I have often asked, “Have we truly had a God-encounter if we leave from that moment not changed?” I believe that when we have a divine and personal encounter with the presence of God, there is a change that SHOULD take place. Something needs to shift and come into alignment with God’s word.

I am truly concerned with the state of the church right now. I see a great emphasis on worship, and even prophetic worship. We have amazing leadership displaying this. However, my concern though is that we have more “Worship” than we have ever experienced within the church, and yet we have the least amount of “Transformation” than ever. We have so many that are claiming they are Christians, yet there is no change that has occurred in their lives. This leaves me questioning the scripture, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away, behold all things have become new.” I am concerned that the old man is lingering and not passing away to allow the new man (Holy Spirit) to set up residence within many of these individuals.

For 2016, I believe that God is ramping up that Apostolic Mantle upon me and Michele and His Call Ministries. I believe that God is focusing us on pouring into leadership to help train, encourage, equip and initiate a Global Transformation. Pastor Benny Hinn once said that there is no way possible for him to bring revival to the Body of Christ. Rather, he felt called to revive leaders knowing that in turn they would release revival and renewal into their sphere of ministry. And perhaps that is the best way to articulate what we are discerning for this new season in 2016.

As we look ahead to this new year and new season, TV is very much a part of our ministry efforts. But I also believe that we will be gathering leaders into a smaller and more intimate setting for personal ministry and development. I believe that before any great move of God, we need the ministry leadership (the spiritual infrastructure) to be whole, renewed, refreshed and solid enough to sustain this coming move of God’s power. We know His presence, but I believe we need more than His presence for today’s society. We need His POWER and His GLORY to be released upon the earth. We need the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. Michele, Judah and
I need that in our lives as well.

We are asking God to give us clear direction how to move forward with this mantle and vision that continues to unfold. There is so much to convey to you, but a letter is simply not room enough to share what is stirring within our hearts.

I have desired to gather all of our ministry partners- those who have partnered with us over the past years- first to say “THANK YOU” for sowing into the fertile soil of this ministry. Looking back over the years, there is no way to question if we made an impact, because with- out a doubt we have! But the second reason is to share all that is stirring within us and ask you to pray for us as we move forward. Asking God for clear direction, for Kingdom Connections and Divine Appointments. And lastly, a time to release into our partners this new impartation for this next season of ministry.

We are praying and asking God, “Where could we do this?” As our family has put down roots here in Raleigh, NC, we would love for you to come here….to our home city. But we have been a little concerned if you would come from where you are, just for a little food, worship and sharing what God has placed within us. So please, help us pray. Email Michele (michele@hiscall.org) and let her know if you would be interested in our trying to plan something here in Raleigh for our partners or if it would be easier for you to join us in Virginia Beach area.

Most importantly, I ask you to pray for us. Pray that we would have our ears pressed close to the mouth of God so it is only His voice that we are listening to. We hear only His directives and instructions, and not allow anything contrary to enter into our ears or hearts.

I believe 2016 is a new season for you. Just like with His Call, we may not be doing business as usual; it may not look like it has in the past. We may be tempted to try to revert back to what we have known in the past because it was successful. But you and I both know that is not what God has for us in this new season. He is calling us out of the comfort zone to journey closer than ever before into the Throne Zone. We must make it past the doorway of Praise and learn what it looks like to live in Dominion in the Throne Zone.

Please email Michele or myself and let us know your thoughts about Raleigh or Virginia. We love you and pray Christ’s richest and most abundant blessings upon all you do in the Kingdom of Heaven. Much love from the Duncan Family and Happy New Year!


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