The Journey

Keith Duncan-8

I believe that we flew past Spring and jumped straight into summer. May was a blur, with a massive flurry activity within the Duncan household and His Call Ministries. I was blessed to celebrate my 48th birthday in May, and Judah completed his sophomore year with straight A’s; allowing him to exempt all of his exams, for which he is extremely thankful for. Additionally, he was able to get his driver’s license, and now is skirting about town on his own. (Pray saints pray!)

May was also filled with ministry opportunity every weekend during the month. We kicked the Mother’s Day weekend off by ministering at Campmeeting Ministries in Critz, VA, and then were blessed to speak at Pastor David & Cindy Bryant’s church in Danville as the keynote speaker for Mother’s Day. We then traveled to Maryland to minister and celebrate with Dr. Caretha Crawford at her 5th Year Gala Celebration for In Pursuit of His Presence Ministries. It was a rather spectacular evening giving the Lord praise for all He has accomplished through their ministry efforts. What a wonderful blessing to sow back into the lives and ministries of these our cherished Kingdom Covenant Partners.

We rounded out the last of the month by pulling together another great team of worship leaders, which I have worked with throughout the years, for a special Pentecost Celebration with Cornerstone Television Network in Pittsburgh, PA. God has given us great favor with the President of that great network, and we have several more weeks worth of ministry coming up throughout the rest of this year, as well as several weeks of taping for INSP with David & Barbara Cerullo. This seems to be a great year for television ministry opportunities.

I continue to be amazed at how God opens doors for me to minister to individuals through the Real Estate opportunity. Michele and I have prayed with many of our clients, and God has often given a word for their lives…and they have received it. God has used this season to help us better articulate God’s plan for people’s lives who are not churched and are not familiar with the Church lingo that we often surround ourselves with.

As I reflect not only over the past year of our life and ministry, I can look over the past 23 years or ministry with Michele and realize that with each step of our journey (regardless of whether it made sense at the time or not), God was teaching us a nugget that would add to the sum total of who we are.

Oftentimes, if we are not careful, we will overanalyze every opportunity set before us and can talk ourselves out of an opportunity that God has placed before us; especially if it is one that does not make sense. Unfortunately, when in pursuit of God’s plan and purpose for our lives, we are not allowed the opportunity and luxury of knowing the

“Why” to each door. It merely requires us to listen to the voice of the Lord at each cross road and move according to His direction.

  • What is God Speaking to you today?
  • Is it hard to hear what He is saying?
  • Does it make sense to you, or are you wrestling with it making sense?
  • What is holding you back from moving forward?

Each of these are key questions for you to ponder and consider as you are earnestly seeking for clear direction from the Lord. So, let me give you four things that may assist your journey.


First, with each opportunity it is important to ask God if this is an opportunity from Him, or a distraction.

Often, the enemy will use something as a mere distraction to prevent you from walking out what He is calling you to. But when you pray and earnestly seek His will, He will give you a green light to keep moving forward.


As you move forward, you need to trust that He will direct and guide you. You need to continue walking forward until He illuminates a Red light, and if He does not, keep moving forward. This is part of the Faith walk required by each of us .

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. –Proverbs 3:5


Obedience is a tricky one. This is the place where our thoughts and reasoning often interfere with what God has told us to do. This is what happened when King Saul made a sacrifice before going to war because Samuel was delayed in his journey. Saul thought the sacrifice was the ultimate requirement to victory, yet it violated God’s protocol with Samuel the priest making the sacrifice.

Often, we get in a hurry and try to figure things out and “Make It Happen” with our resources, giftings, and skill sets. Yet God still requires us to obey His plans that He has prescribed for our journey.


When you follow each of these steps on your journey, the Lord promises His provision for you. When you ask for His direction, when you step out in faith and Trust Him to guide you, and then when you choose to obey His voice and direction, then He plans for you to enjoy the fullness of that which He has purposed and destined for you.

Sometimes, especially in the Charismatic circles, we feel it is not OK to enjoy a season. We feel guilty, or we feel that we should not feel happiness. If we are not careful, we will waltz right past the blessing and not enjoy the season of rest that He has provided for us.

This state of enjoyment is not our final destination. Rather, it is the place that He provides to us beside the still waters. A season of rest, refreshing and ultimately re- enlistment for the next leg of our journey.

I have learned that life is not about a final destination, but rather of sequence of life events filled with moment along the journey that make us who we are called and purposed to be. The key is sharing those moments with others along our journey to assist with where they may be on their journey.

Michele and I are enjoying a season of rest from the stress and strain of executing our Throne Zone conferences. For 12 years, we have subjected ourselves to the pressure of raising the budget and executing an event with a great level of excellence. It has been very rewarding, yet very draining mentally, emotionally, and so God has allowed us this year a Sabbath rest for which we are very grateful.

In this season we are learning how to better and more effectively reach people with the message of the good news that Jesus brings to us; how He provides hope for individuals, and how He has a plan for their life.

He is exposing us to new technology to better enable us to reach people, better understanding the times and how to effectively reach and impact lives of individuals in this season on planet earth.

Today, I encourage you on your journey. Ask God what He has for you. Ask Him to begin to open and close doors for your life. As He begins to open doors (and close them), Trust that He is in control and take the first step toward that open door. Listen to His voice with every step, and continue moving forward until you get a “Red Light” or a “NO” from God. When He speaks a word to you, be quick to respond with a “YES LORD” and walk with relentless obedience to the voice of God. And finally, ENJOY the seasons of rest. Don’t push past that season, but abide by the still waters as long as He allows you to, knowing that He will soon be opening other doors to you leading you to the next leg of your journey.

Michele, Judah and I love you greatly and thank God that He has brought you into our lives to journey with you during this season of your life and ours. We believe He has great plans and purposes for you, but we also know that it may be a bumpy ride. Let us therefore covenant to encourage each other along the way. Speaking to one another in Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs keeping our eyes focused upon the prize of the High Calling in Christ Jesus.

The Building Blocks of Success

If you follow us on Twitter or are a friend on Facebook, you will have heard that Michele’s step-mother lost her battle to cancer and past-away during the month of March.  For us, that month was a blur as we journeyed to Nashville, returned home for one day and then had to turn around and travel back to Nashville to conduct the funeral. 

Interestingly enough, as we were returning from the funeral, our coach broke down.  This time, we were stranded in Chattanooga, TN.  We were detained for several days as the technicians made every attempt to diagnose the problem.  The final prognosis:  There was shredded metal in the engine and was clogging the fuel injectors.  The cost:  $7,500.00.  Oh boy, did that hit us by surprise!  However, as we began to seek council from others, we learned that this was only part of a larger problem that would ultimately require us to replace the entire engine…at a much greater expense.  After much council, we decided to spend $750 and clean out the fuel injectors which would help us to make it home to Charlotte.  As it turned out, we made it all the way to our exit, and the bus began to crash.  We chugged along at 5 miles per hour as we were fervently praying in the spirit attempting to make it to our parking spot.  We made it to our parking space, backed up the bus so we could unload it, and it gave up the ghost and died.  Of course, Michele and Judah and I were so thankful to God that He helped us make it home safely. We made provision to get rid of the bus, so we now travel in our mini-van.

Now, I share all of this with you- not to complain and whine (although God knows that I did much of that with Him).  But rather, I want to share with you what happened while we sat in the waiting room at the shop. 

There was a man who came in and asked me if I was in that brown bus outside.  I told him “Yes”.  He said, “The Worship Revolution!  WOW!  That is quite a powerful statement!”  As we began to dialog, I learned that this gentleman lived in St. Louis, Missouri and he was in route to Florida to work on laying down some tracks for some new worship tunes.  You see, he writes songs that God is giving him, and he does not know what to do with them.  So, of course, I began with my line of questioning.

It seems as if the number one question I am asking the people that God places in front of me is this one thought:  “If you could do anything in the world, and be guaranteed success- money and personnel were not a consideration- what is the one thing that God has placed upon your heart to do?”

Of course, this conversation lasted several hours and it offered this gentleman great hope.  You see, he had a sense of what the Lord wanted for him, but he did not know how to get there.

For me and Michele (as most Christians today), we have a sense of what God is calling us to do, but we don’t know how to get there.  And this can be a very frustrating and uncomfortable place.  However, we know because of God’s grace, He knows how to get us where we are to be, when we are to be there.  Unfortunately, in this situation, it required the bus to be broken down for this extended period of time, and me to be displaced from my comfort zone, simply so that I could meet this gentleman and minister to and encourage him to pursue the vision.

I often call this the process of purpose.  John Maxwell calls it the Law of Process.  But most everyone would agree that we can call this the desert place- a place of little comfort and many decisions. However, it is in this process where God causes our character to be refined, our integrity to hold fast, and patience to be tested- allowing His grace (which is sufficient) to carry us through this season of our lives.

I am reminded of II Peter 1: 5-8:  “…giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; and to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; and to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.  For if these things be in you and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

These are the building blocks that God uses to shape our character and offer us stability in the day of calamity and adversity.  Verse 10 goes on to say, “…give diligence to make your calling and election sure; for if you do these things, ye shall never fall.”

NEVER FALL? Wow, this is the formula that guarantees success to our calling in Christ Jesus!

Let’s define some of these terms to give us clarity to this formula:

v  Diligence:  Persistent and hard-working effort in doing something; the care or attention expected by the law in doing something such as fulfilling the terms of a contract.

  • Faith:  The substance of things that are hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
  • Virtue:  The quality of being morally good or righteous; a quality that is good or admirable, but not necessarily in terms of morality.
  • Knowledge:  General awareness of possession of information, facts, ideas, truths or principles; specific information; all that can be known; learning through experience or study.
  • Temperance:  Abstinence from Alcohol (Encarta Dictionary); self-restraint in the face of temptation or desire.
  • Patience:  The ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset, or to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties.
  • Godliness:  Devoted to or worshiping God; fit for or having the divine qualities of God.
  • Brotherly Kindness:  Showing the affection of a brother
  • Charity:  The voluntary provision of money, materials, or help to people in need; the willingness to judge people in a tolerant or favorable way; the impartial love of other people, especially as a Christian virtue.

Because God loves us so much, and because we are endeavoring to seek His face as we walk toward our own calling and ministries, the Lord (in His infinite wisdom) often puts us on somewhat of a “Scavenger Hunt”.  He gives us the list of things that we need, and we then make the journey to various locations to find each item on the list.  But oftentimes (as in the situation with our bus) we have to go to some very unusual places to obtain each of these key building blocks.

For many, they decide that the journey is too difficult, and therefore they stop running the race.  They decide to pitch a tent in Moab, rather than pressing past the obstacles and facing the giants to obtain their Canaan Land Promise.  And, this is very easy to do.

You and I need each other.  We need to encourage each other to obtain each nugget that God has strategically placed in your pathway.  Persevere through these obstacles that we face, and confront them with patience (the ability to endure waiting, delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset.)  Easier said than done, but this is attainable, and when we collect each of these nuggets, God’s word promises that we will make our call and election (being chosen by God for special favor, salvation or a task) sure. Here is the promise:  For if you do these things, ye shall never fall!

There is the formula for success!

Today, I encourage you to press past your adversity, your obstacles that you are facing, and add to your account each of these key building blocks.  If we are real with each other, we will both agree that both of us need encouragement to press past our feelings to pursue our destiny.

Michele and I love you dearly and we pray that your destiny be realized, developed, and deployed upon the earth as God has purposed it for you in the Heavens.  Keep pressing on!