Worship F.I.T. for the King (continued)

Edited CrownMerry Christmas!

I wanted to continue my thoughts from last month on “Worship F.I.T. for the King”.  As we discussed last month, the “F” dealt with Frequency.  Both the how frequent we gather to worship (individually or corporately) as well as the Frequency in the sound waves of the heavens.  This month, I want to deal with the “I”.

We all know the songs that touch our individual hearts.  We love it when we hear the intro to that tune because we know what follows.  And with that audible cue, a certain level of anticipation begins to rise up within us.  That is something God placed within us, and that best describes the power of song.  But if we are not careful, we can easily become offended when the worship leader quits singing “Our Song”.  This is the common fallacy when the “I” in worship is about you and me.

As I continued my prayerful contemplation on the “I” in worship, my thoughts then shifted to the word Interactive.  Interactive, by definition, references a two-way system of communication.  It is mutually or reciprocally active.  If we think in terms of electronic communication, it is a method of communication in which the program’s outputs depend on the user’s inputs, and the user’s inputs in turn affect the program outputs.  Many years ago, I learned this acronym G.I.G.O.  It simply stood for Garbage In, Garbage Out.  Of course, the Bible is filled with this understanding.  Be not deceived, God is not mocked.  For whatsoever a man sows, that also shall he reap.  If he sows to the things of the flesh, He shall of the flesh reap corruption.  If he sows to the things of God, he shall reap life everlasting.  Of course, the same is true with our worship.  If we never engage in worship, we can never expect to receive anything through worship.  In order to receive the fullness of what God has provided for us in our worship experience, we must ascend the hill of the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart.  We have been granted access to that Throne Zone dimension of God’s worship, but we must actively pursue His presence and avail ourselves of every opportunity to come into that Throne Zone dimension.

I realized that Interactive still stemmed from the “What’s in it for me” syndrome.  If I do this, then God will do this for me.  And although both of the above thoughts are true and occur in our worship experience, there is one more “I” in worship that holds the key to Worship F.I.T. for the King.  That word is Intentional.

We must begin with the understanding that when Christ died on the cross, the Veil that safeguarded the Holy of Holies was torn in two.  We know that because the shed blood of Jesus Christ, he became the mediator for us and through His blood, we can boldly approach God’s Throne.  That means that Christ’s blood was shed for all mankind, not exclusively you and me or the denomination or fellowship that we are connected to.  His blood was shed for whosoever that believeth on Him.

We must also realize that every time Jesus showed up in a situation, the status quo changed.  When He walked into a room, blind eyes were opened, deaf ears began to hear, the lame walked, the dumb talked and those tormented by evil spirits were set free.  Everything happens when Jesus walks into the room.  So the problems in our church will not be solved by our great musical skills, nor our great pulpit oratory, and not even by our cutting edge ministries that we proudly exhibit to attract all newcomers.  The problems represented within our congregations will be transformed when He shows up in our sanctuary.

To that end, we must be intentional in our worship experience not to showcase our talent, but rather be intent on invoking the presence of the Lord to enter the house!  We must do whatever necessary to make sure that He shows up in our services.

How do we do that?

First, we must remind ourselves the instructions of King David.  If we are to enter into the Hill of the Lord (aka The Throne Zone)- we must have clean hands and a pure heart.  That requires a lifestyle of holiness and sanctification.  We really don’t hear a lot of that being taught these days.  We hear more of grace.  And please do not misunderstand me it was the shed blood of Jesus that provided grace to us while we were yet sinners.  Because of that grace, I can come to Jesus just as I am.  However, that doesn’t give me a free pass to live my life contrary to the will of God and still have access to the Holy of Holies.

God is not looking for perfect Christians, just Christians who are being perfected
in His Presence.

Secondly, we must realize scripture says that we enter His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise.  Scripture throughout Revelation tells us the song of Heaven.  We know that there is worship being sung around His Throne 24/7 as the angels cry “Worthy, Holy, Who is and was and is to come”.  Therefore, we must acknowledge the fact that our praise and worship is the access portal to that Throne Zone dimension.


I believe that as we approach His throne in this manner, we in fact join the host of Heaven in jubilant praise.  As we join with the song of Heaven, there comes a moment when Heaven and Earth connect as we are singing on earth the song being sung in Heaven.  Think about it this way.  Jesus prayed, Father let Your Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Following that train of thought, it only makes sense that Jesus could easily say, Father let Your Song be Sung on Earth, even as it is being Sung around your Throne in Heaven.  After all, singing is merely sustained speaking or prayer.

It is at this point in worship that there is a shift in our atmosphere.  I believe it is this point where Heaven invades Earth through our simple portal of worship.  And when that takes places, God’s glory begins breaking out in the area where our worship is being released.

Think about it.  When we effectively engage the congregation in worship, all hearts are in one accord.  All thoughts & words expressed are the same lyrics.  That means the conversation is corporately expressed as one voice.  Isn’t this what happened in the Upper Room as recorded in the book of Acts?  They were in one place, in one accord when Suddenly there came a sound from Heaven as a Mighty Rushing Wind and it filled all who were sitting in that room.  Hallelujah!

This must be the focus of our worship:  Heaven must invade the Earth releasing His Glory!  We must be Intentional with our worship, no longer to sing to men, or settle for singing about God.  We must begin to sing directly to God, engaging the entire congregation so that God’s glory be released because He has showed up in the midst of our worship.

For me, as a worship

leader, my goal is not to sing the latest, greatest, hottest worship number being played on the radio.  I realize (and am intentional) on creating an atmosphere conducive to allowing people the freedom to join me in a song familiar being sung directly to God, and having that song sung in the fullness of all harmonic beauty sung with great passion to the presence of God, knowing that Heaven will meet earth and God’s glory will be released as He enters the room.  I choose to be Intentional in my worship experience.

By partnering with this ministry with your prayers and financial support, you are helping us to help people experience the Glory of the Lord- many for the first time in their lives.  As a result, we are witnessing individual lives being changed as they discover the manifest presence of God in their lives.  Additionally, as this Glory Spout continues to pour in many of these congregations, we watch the Glory transform many congregations.  You are making the difference in many people’s lives.  The seeds you are faithfully sowing into this ministry each month are affecting change and releasing the Glory.

Please don’t stop praying.  Don’t stop giving.  You must know you are impacting lives of many and helping their lives to be transformed because God is showing up in their homes, their offices, their churches and even their regions.

We will continue to Dig the Wells of Worship, allowing the worshipers opportunity to come drink, find refreshing, and watch as God sends them back to their congregations to infect them with a fresh passion for His Presence.

Let us be INTENTIONAL in our worship!

Merry Christmas!

Worship F.I.T. for the King

On November 6th, you and I will have a wonderful opportunity to go to the polls and cast our vote for our next President of the United States and other elected officials.  I would highly encourage you to make time in your schedule to go to the polls and vote.  Whether it be cold, rainy, or somewhat inconvenient, it is important that we as Christians elect officials and leadership who will embrace the Godly values we embrace to ensure that we remain “One Nation Under GOD”.  We must remember that it is not a political party that guarantees success of a nation.  Proverbs 14:34 states that “Righteousness exalteth a nation:  but sin is a reproach to any people.”


Of course, we in America can often be confused in our approach to God because America is a Democracy.  Our President and other officials are elected by the people, for the representation of the people, to ensure that people’s rights and liberties are protected.  However, this is not the paradigm in which the Kingdom of Heaven operates.


The Kingdom of Heaven is a Kingdom, not a Democracy.  It is imperative that we realize there are key components in a Kingdom which are opposite to a Democracy.  This is perhaps the fundamental concept we must understand as we concentrate our focus on worship…more specifically worshiping F.I.T. for our King of Kings.


To begin with, let’s recap some important Kingdom Principles we must always keep before us to ensure we maintain proper balance and focus in our worship. (Kingdom Principles- Myles Munroe ©2006 Destiny Image)

  • The Central component of a Kingdom is the King
  • The King is Never Voted into nor out of Power
  • A King’s authority is by birthright
  • A King personally owns everything in His Domain
  • The Constitution of the Kingdom is the documented will, intent, desires, and purposes of the King for the citizens of His Kingdom.
  • Citizenship in a Kingdom is not a right but a privilege, and it is at the pleasure of the King himself.  Citizens are chosen by the King and are beneficiaries of the King’s pleasure and promises.
  • Royal Privileges of the Kingdom are the benefits the King affords his citizens.  They serve as a security for being in good standing with the King.








Matthew 6:33-34a says, “But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow.”


Philippians 4:19 says, “And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”


If we, being citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, expect to live under the blessings & provisions of the King, we must begin with the assumption that we are to ascribe to our King the worship that is rightfully due Him.  We must understand what our King likes, and what He doesn’t like, ensuring that we live in the favor and good pleasure of the King.


Frequency is defined as the number of times an event occurs within a given period.  For example, “What is the frequency of Full Moons which occur within one year’s time?” And to that end, I would pose the question, what is the frequency of your worship?  How many times do you stop in any given week to worship?  Do you worship only on Sunday morning, or perhaps at home fellowship?  Sadly, many professing Christians turn their thoughts to worshiping God only on Sunday.


According to The Barna Research Group, “Many adults find that having a truly worshipful experience is not something they can turn on and turn off at will.  Without giving themselves time to clear their minds and hearts of their daily distractions and other problems, many people attend a worship event but never enter a worshipful frame of mind.  A large share of churchgoers do not pray, meditate, confess or focus on God prior to the start of a church worship event.  One consequence is that they find it difficult to connect with Him spiritually.  Having never been taught much about worship, they find the inability to interact with God on a deeper level frustrating, but don’t know what to do about it.” (www.Barna.org- “Worship Tops the List of Important Church-Based Experiences”)


Let me pose a second theory:


Radio Stations operate on various radio frequencies.  You have AM and FM stations, each with a varying frequency which sets them apart.  To find different music styles or radio formats, one simply needs to dial into a new frequency by scanning the available frequencies being broadcast.  The fact remains that thousands of stations are broadcasting, but you must tune your radio into their frequency setting to receive their broadcast.


The same is true when it comes to worship that the King likes.  The sound is being broadcasted 24/7/365 from the Throne Zone.  The task lies with us to dial into that frequency so we can hear the sound of Heaven and then release it upon the earth or into our environment.  Let me explain.


During the summer, a bunch of youth gather at the river, get on their friend’s boat and go out for a fun day on the water.  While on the water, they turn their radio into a station that broadcasts “fun-time” music and what do they do?  They crank up the volume.  Why?  Because they know the louder the music, the more infectious the fun they will seemingly have.  The same is true if you go to a dance or a party.  The music there is broadcasting “fun-time” music that helps to create the atmosphere of “Fun”.


As Christians, and Citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven, there is a frequency that is operating in the heavens broadcasting worship FIT for the King.  The lyric base has nothing to do with me or my perceived entitlements.  It is all about HIM, the King.


The lyric base was penned from John the beloved who was caught into the 3rd Heaven where he stood before the Throne of God.  He entered into the Throne Zone and penned the lyrics that transpired in that dimension.


  • Revelation 4:8-  “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!”
  • Revelation 4:11- “You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created.”
  • Revelation 5:9- “You are worthy to take the scroll, and to open its seals; for You were slain, and have redeemed us to God by Your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, and have made us kings and priests to our God:  And we shall reign on the earth.”
  • Revelation 5:11- “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honor and glory and blessing!”
  • Revelation 5:13- “Blessing and honor and glory and power be to Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, forever and ever!”
  • Revelation 7:12- “Amen!  Blessing and glory and wisdom, Thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be to our God forever and ever, Amen.”







As a worship leader, I realize that I must use current songs to help gather the people.  However, it is my responsibility to realize the lyric base of heaven, and then engage the congregation into joining with the heavenly host singing worship around the throne.


Well, it looks as if I will have to finish the “I” and the “T” portion of this partner letter next month.  I have so much to share with you on this thought, and I can’t pack it all into this one letter.


So, I leave you with this thought in closing:  Let us worship frequently throughout the week (in our home, car, office, bedroom, prayer closet, etc) and not use a lyric base of entitlement, but rather readjusting our sound waves to the frequency of Heaven- releasing the song of Heaven upon the Earth- declaring His majesty, His glory and His “worth-ship.”


Worship F.I.T. for the King!


The Power of Worship

2008 not only marked the beginning of the Economic collapse in America, but it also marked a time of great division within the church as we faced a new election.  Countless churches split as pastors endeavored to safeguard the Christian values that America was founded upon 400 years earlier.  Unfortunately, some Pastors took the opportunity to turn their pulpit into a Political polling station on both sides of the political divide producing results which surprised many.  Many pastors were simply trying to remind their people to vote to safeguard the religious freedoms and principles which America was founded upon.  Yet, many of those pastors experienced hardship as some of their congregations misinterpreted their comments.

Yes, 2008 marked the beginning of a downward spiral for the unity of the church, and spawned Anti-Semitism no longer geared toward the Jews alone, but expanded its focus against the Christian Church.  As the world and liberal news media scrutinized the church, it exposed leaders living a double lifestyle and seized every opportunity possible to chip away another layer of Godly values and principles that we the church have both embraced and taught.  And with every passing month, it seemed as if another moral failure or financial scheme was exposed, thus devaluing the influence of the church on modern society.

I am not endeavoring to throw my voice into the political arena, nor persuade you to vote one way or another.  I am not a politician.  However, I AM A WORSHIPER and would like to share a few comments on the power of Worship, and why it is a priority for today!

I recently watched a movie with Judah called, “The Avengers”.  It is a movie about super heroes coming together to overthrow the plan of Loki (the enemy) to rule the earth.

In the movie, Loki comes to the headquarters of the Avenger super hero group and causes division.  He knows that if he can get these super heroes fighting against each other, he can execute his plans to take over the earth.  Fortunately, the super heroes realize this plan, and they lay aside their differences and begin to work together as a team.  When they do this, they overthrow their enemy and realize each other’s strengths and no longer their weaknesses.

This is what worship helps us to accomplish.  It gets the focus off of us and our problems or wrong-doings, and helps us focus on God.  When we truly enter into worship, there is nothing else that gets attention.  Rather, the focus is exclusively upon God.

Worship is perhaps the greatest example of unity.  It is when an entire congregation joins as one voice in song, releasing the same words, at the same time, all directed toward the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  That is extreme unity.  This is why Satan fights worship so hard.  He does not want one person praising and glorifying God.  He for certain does not want an entire congregation singing praise to their God and King Jehovah!  Scripture tells us what happens when we join as one voice singing the same song at the same time:

  • The Cloud fills the tabernacle and no one can stand to minister
  • Walls crumble to the ground
  • The camp of the enemy turns upon themselves and kill each other
  • It fills a house where 120 believers are gathered and fills them with the Holy Ghost and Fire

If you want or need unity, then encourage worship!

Worship HEALS US
I would like to share this testimony that I just received about a healing in a marriage.  This is from someone who watched me on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” program in Ft. Worth, TX.

When listening to Keith Duncan music I can enter into the throne room supernaturally. Or just humming the words of his songs from the CD’s the angles and the spirit of God are all around you.

I was humming the words from one of his CD’s and a sweet fragrance filled the room as the presents of the Lord covered me.

I got so excited, I played his music to a couple that had been having trouble for 10 years in their marriage.  Within minutes, the husband fell on his knees and began crying out to God to forgive him for all he had done to his wife and asking God to forgive him for all his sins. He was transformed by God instantly!          –Lynda R.



It reminds us what God has done for us in the past.  It reminds us that even though we had to walk through some bad times, God was with us and brought us through it.  Even though we may have lost our job, our loved one, we went through bankruptcy or even had our home foreclosed upon, God was faithful to bring us through that season, and by His grace is helping us to build again, or love again, or helping us find a better job than we had before.

As we sing about what God did for us in the past, it automatically begins to build our faith for the future.  If He was able to do it then, He can do it again!



When we remember who God is and what He has done for us, we want to make sure that we continue to live a lifestyle that will bring glory and honor to Him.  If our focus is the world, we want to live our lives to please the system of the world.  But, when we focus upon God and His Glory, it reminds us “What Would Jesus Do”, before we actually do something or say something we shouldn’t.

One of the former pastors I worked for used to say, “Our Focus Will Determine Our Flow”.  If we are focused upon the world, our lives will revolve around the things of this world.  Where the head turns, the body goes.

But when our eyes are steadfastly upon the one who gave His life for us, the things of this world begin to grow strangely dim.  We become more concerned about Him and His Kingdom rather than my kingdom.


When our eyes get out of focus, everything becomes blurry.  When Judah’s soccer team is not focused, they make many mistakes and usually lose the game.  But when the team gets refocused, they begin to play like some great players and win the game.

Worship helps us to remain focused upon the “Why” of our existence.  Worship helps us to get into the Throne Zone where we discover our purpose and our passion is reignited.  It helps us to realize the lyrics to the old hymn, “This world is not my home, I’m only passing through.”

Joseph Garlington says it this way, “We are not human beings having a temporary spiritual experience.  We are Spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.”

I still reference Matthew 6:33

“But seek FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

Worship helps us to keep the main thing the main thing.  Worship must be focused on seeking God and His righteousness.  As long as that remains our focus, then all the other things in our life will fall into proper order.  It is when our focus is on this temporary earthly experience that things begin to go wrong.

I am reminded of the song, “In the Presence of Jehovah”.

“In the presence of Jehovah

God Almighty, Prince of Peace.

Troubles vanish, hearts are mended

when we’re in the presence of the King.”


The answer remains not with a political party, but with the presence of God.  Do everything within your power to enter into the presence of the Lord, and continue to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, knowing that everything you need will be taken care of by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!